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Author: Joey Jiritano

The coming of the New Year can be the catalyst of change for many a person. Yet, to follow through and attain those well-meaning goals, whether it be to lose weight or hit that Personal Record (PR) at the gym, can turn to a faded aspiration with no hope in sight. Most of the time, the problem is the lack of process and planning to put the wheels in motion to achieve sustainable gradual changes. So, defining your outcome goal really is the easy part (especially if you adhere to the S.M.A.R.T goals principle; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely). Putting some thought into how you are going to achieve your goals will give you the keys to success.


Jabba wants to hit a snatch PR of 70kg in 2018, which will add 12.5kg on his current max snatch. That’s good Jabba has a clear number to define the goal, now the process has to be established. Therefore, to achieve this goal, Jabba will;

  • Dedicate 2 sessions a week to building the snatch.
  • Perform 50 good quality reps at 70 – 85% at each of these lifting sessions. Along with accessory strength movements (Overhead Squats, Snatch High- Pulls etc.)

So, as long as Jabba complies and completes 50 good quality snatches at each session per week, that will amount to a minimum of 100 per week x 52 weeks a year = 5200 reps! And that’s not including the accessory work on top of that. It’s certainly not an overwhelming work load, as it can be broken down into 10 sets of 5 reps per session.

What You Need To Do


The example above is a simple one to showcase the power of consistency and planning. It creates a simple process to guide you toward your outcome goals.

  • Grab a calendar and clearly set the times and places to work at your goals.
  • Jabba decides to do the pre-planned programmed snatch sessions at his CrossFit gym every Monday and Thursday at 5:30pm.
  • He will work with his coach, which keeps him accountable and holds the quality of the sessions to a high standard.
  • Have a checklist and create mini-goals to work towards your main goal(s) for the year.
  • Jabba attends these sessions twice a week and checks each one off as he goes. This will create a sense of empowerment and momentum that is propelled through these small achievements. This is completely relative and specific to the individual, but they should be small, relatively easy to achieve goals. That could mean just showing up to the gym on certain days, or drinking a glass of good mineral water upon waking everyday… easy peasy.


It’s important to observe and measure progress periodically, this will help you to affirm you’re on the right path. Lifting and performance measurements are an easy metric. With something like weight-loss or body composition goals, taking a photo monthly will give you observable evidence that you’re on the right track. Tracking will also motivate you when you see favourable results, feeding the fire to get after them 2018 goals.

“Discipline is freedom” – Jocko Willink

Don’t be afraid to set big goals. Although you want to be realistic with your expectations, that doesn’t mean shying away from seemingly difficult goals that require an abundance of hard work and sustained discipline. Planning a new routine can be life changing and profoundly important towards the bettering of oneself.

Need some ideas for some goals? OK, here’s a few;

  • Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. Decide what time would work best for you. Set an alarm to get up and get it done! You might be amazed at how much more productive you can be.
  • Read a book a month (non-fiction). Get some highly recommended reads and devour that knowledge.
  • Diet goals you ask?
  • Food prep. Aim to have a healthy whole foods lunch and/or dinner prepped for each day of the week.
  • Cut out any bad foods (sodas, processed foods, fast foods, donuts etc.)
  • Include veggies in a meal each day. At least one meal containing a few serves of veggie goodness. Look up recipes that will inspire you and help to make healthy choices palatable for you.
  • Training goals?
  • Just get to the gym. Make it a habit and part of the routine. Consistency is the most powerful conductor for progress and change.
  • CrossFitters: PR your ‘Fran’ time, or a workout that challenges you and exploits your current weaknesses.

Make it your year for change. Think of some personal goals and plan a strategy to get after them!