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Originally posted August 9, 2018

I have spent the last 17 years in either Military of LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) work around the world supporting various activities of national and local government. Part of my responsibility to my work was to be “Fit to fight”. A lean mean fighting machine.

What I have discovered is that weightlifting is the most effective tool for increasing  metabolism thus, decreasing body fat.

Time and time again I have seen soldiers and officer’s focus on their weightlifting efforts, witnessing great gains in their lean body mass and in return decreased body fat percentages.

Weightlifting in the form of dead-lifts, squats, presses, and compound functional movements.

Obtaining the physique of a bodybuilder on the face of Flex magazine is very hard to do. Just ask any average person. It takes years of hard work, the right training program, and a lot of  nutritionally good food. Weight training will add a few pounds of lean body mass which will in turn make you leaner and give you a better looking physique.

Women simply don’t have the natural levels of testosterone needed to support the type of muscle growth they fear.

“Marathon runners are slim, shouldn’t I run long distances to become thinner?”

That makes as much sense as playing AFL to get taller. This logical fallacy is commonplace in weight-loss fitness as many people are quick to make hasty generalisations. Nonetheless, in any sport, genetics play a significant role. The best runners are thin because slim people make for better runners. Just as the some of the best AFL players are tall, the best long distance runners are thin.

In fact, many people who take up long distance running to loose weight end up “skinny fat” a term I first heard coined by a college of mine, a physique denoted by looking skinny whilst clothed but lacking lean muscle mass and accompanied by a noticeable amount of fat or “doughy” appearance. These people are known to complain about being unable to lose the last few kilos of fat whilst sipping at a full fat Coke over a lunch of white pasta whilst wearing active gear.

What can I do about this?

Definitely focus on the strength component in our group workouts. If you want to get more experience with lifting, consider signing up for CrossFit Norsemen Barbell Club. You’ll focus on the core lifts, increasing strength, lean body mass, and overall performance. Many members of this club will lean out while getting stronger at the same time.