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Originally posted October 26, 2018.

There are no tricks. Not to be misleading, I am writing this to bring your awareness to something much bigger than flopping to the floor and clapping your hands above your head… all hail the notorious burpee! This is about mindset, attitude and shifting perspective. So we can rename this post more appropriately as “How you can love… that which you do not but know you should because it’ll make you better at life”.

First, let’s address self-talk. This is really BIG! Negativity breeds negativity. Stop telling yourself how much you hate (insert arbitrary movement/skill/task/job. e.g, ‘Burpee’) as this immediately undermines your progress, portrays a poor mindset and biases a negative outcome before you even get moving. It’s ok to acknowledge that you are not good at something but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy working on it. Tell yourself you will get better, you are going to be patient, you are going to put in the work, enjoy the process and love the outcomes.

So, it all starts with mindset and then it’s time for action. Here I will outline three key strategies;

  1. Integrate.
  2. Get comfortable.
  3. Stay consistent.


Start including the movement you want to get better at with other movements you are good at or enjoy doing. The beauty of the CrossFit methodology, specifically with keeping things ‘constantly varied’ is that it can keep things ‘constantly interesting’. Try to keep things simple in order to keep the focus on your objective, which is to get better. Mix it up to have fun and all the while you will be better for it.

Get Comfortable

Believe it or not, there are some who may struggle with this concept. I’m not about to tell you to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” which we all may hear echoed within the fitness bubble. Not to burst that notion or bash that kind of oxymoronic mindset as it does have its place. All I’m trying to tell you is to slow it down, enjoy the scenery and get to enjoy the moment as you’re in the moment. Find your own pace, which will feel comfortable and will minimise the need to stop. Get yourself into the practice mentality with an emphasis on technique and the small intricacies of the skill you are working on. Too much intensity will undermine progress and be deleterious towards your outcome goals. Remember to use that positive self talk here. Being calm and feeling comfortable are rather synonymous… go figure.

Stay Consistent

This is perhaps the most important point of all. Keep the frequency high. That could mean multiple times a week or multiple times a day. Not forgetting the second point above, keep the intensity low as this will permit you to keep the frequency high. Let’s not get too arbitrary with a specific accumulative time spent on a skill as

we are all different and we all have varying rates of improvement. So, let’s just say the more the better and complacency is your enemy. Being in good company and training with friends is a sure fire way to success, as it helps to keep you consistent.

OK that being said, it is vital to be sure that you are practicing good technique. You don’t want to be reinforcing poor movement patterns that detract from your progress. Here is where a coach becomes your greatest asset. Feedback is such a beneficial tool and an integral part of practicing efficiently, effectively and safely. It will also keep you accountable and help you maintain focus on whatever it is you are trying to improve.

Test and then re-test what you are working on to have your own conclusive evidence of your improvement. Give yourself that benchmark and set goals to track your progress. The only way you truly know you have improved is by tracking. This is the best way to prove to yourself you are going in the right direction.

Alright so, when will you learn to love Burpees or whatever it is you don’t like doing but know you should? It’ll be the moment you realise you’re getting better and it’s transferring to other areas of your fitness, health, mindset & life. Now get moving!