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Originally posted July 4, 2018

There is an age-old maxim in the fitness world that no amount of exercise can overcome a bad nutrition. The right eating is a cornerstone of health, longevity, and eventual fitness.

To effectively change your physique requires intense exercise.

  • If you’re overdoing it with the wrong foods you won’t have the physical endurance to push through tough workouts if your diet isn’t up to scratch. Eating the wrong type of foods will make it harder for you to train at your best. You’ll need a combination of carbohydrates and protein to recover following a workout, as well as adequate carbs beforehand, too. As a general rule aim to get about 30% of your diet from protein, 40% from carbs and 30% from fat. Watch out for taking in too much fat; that often translates to an abundance of calories as well, which quickly packs on as extra grams.
  • In-vogue diets containing ultra-low carb or low fats can be mentally draining and have a significant impact on heart wellbeing. Studies have shown that those diets lead to shortages in micronutrients and amplified risk of inflammation throughout the body making you more vulnerable to injury. Further studies identify that having an insufficient intake of healthy fats may increase your chance of overuse injuries, such as tendonitis and stress fractures, and doesn’t allow your body to protect itself in order to stay healthy. Furthermore, if you pair bad nutrition with intense exercise, that can lower your immunity even further.
  • Unhealthy food choices whether you’re eating too many saturated fats, too many calories in comparison to input vs output, or not enough of the right foods, make you feel lethargic and less determined to reach your goals in exercise. Nutrition and exercise have a symbiotic relationship. When you eat well, you are motivated to exercise, when you exercise, you are motivated to eat well.
  • Consuming excess calories and not being able to burn them off solely from your workouts often means they head straight for your trouble zones. Generally speaking, women tend to gain weight in the hips and thighs, whilst men tend to gain weight in their mid-section. Abdominal exercises alone are not enough to decrease your body fat percentage or abdominal fat. So even if you’ve gained muscle in that area, it will be covered by a layer of fat.
  • The average person is not a professional or serious athlete. Athletes are likely the only type of people who can eat a regulated large quantity of high calorie food specific. This is because they exercise at high intensity for several hours per day. An average person turning up once a week to a globo gym spurring themselves on to counterpoint their bad diet does not even compare and they don’t need the same amount of food as the athlete does.

Keeping your diet in check will help you become truly toned. You will need to build lean muscle and burn more calories than you’re consuming at the same time.

One-on-one nutrition coaching is available to CrossFit Norsemen members. This is for anyone wanting to clean up their plate.

Our coach(s) will ensure the best performance for your athletic success. The platforms developed for the individual allows you the ability to focus, make complex decisions, start your day without a coffee, be optimistic and feel happy; these are all by-products of providing your body with the fuel it needs.