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If a person is ever considered as holding a flaw, this relationship makes up for weaknesses in their combined strength. Together they are the epitome of what anyone would desire in a power couple relationship.

Both are committed to their fitness and health journey and can be found bolstering the community at the 1630hrs CrossFit Class.

Get to know CrossFit Norsemen athletes Victoria and Luke Harrison.

Victoria and Luke started their journey with CrossFit Norsemen in late 2017, although they have both always been active in various team and individual sports across their lives. Since finding CrossFit Norsemen they have remained consistent in their training, which has caused a betterment in their overall health, but specifically a significant increase in physical fitness and mental fortitude. They credit this to the coaches’ dedication and approachability, using their knowledge to consistently program workouts that are challenging and varied combined with realistic nutritional advice and plans to follow.

Victoria describes CrossFit as ‘the perfect opportunity to be able to compete against myself, whilst having the encouragement of coaches and other members for extra support.’ Despite doing other forms of fitness previously, Victoria had an ongoing back injury that regularly interrupted her from training at other gyms. Since joining Norsemen, under coach guidance she has been able to work on improving balance and stability, achieving a number of personal bests in Powerlifting and Olympic lifting techniques and go about her everyday life pain free.

Six months after joining CrossFit, Luke experienced significant knee trauma from his participation in another weekend sport leading to him being off work for an extended period of time. The coaches at Norsemen were able to adapt and scale the workouts to assist in Luke’s rehabilitation and recovery whilst attempting to maintain the fitness he achieved with Norsemen to date. Over a period of time Luke’s knee was able to slowly rehabilitate getting him back to work and back amongst his regular training sessions in the ‘box’.

Not only have they seen changes personally, they have seen that through training together their relationship has strengthened as well. ‘We support and push one another in our combined and individual goals. When one of us is close to the brink of achieving or close to the brink of failing, we give each other encouragement or a shove back on track, we are a team in life’.

When asked about their experience at Norsemen Victoria and Luke said ‘We always feel welcome and valued as members and have really enjoyed being part of such a positive and supportive community. We enjoy partnering with each other for the WOD’s but also love the fact that we can happily partner with anybody in the gym without fear of judgement, something which we haven’t experienced anywhere else. We look forward to training each day and enjoying the physical and mental benefits that CrossFit brings.’

Outside of the gym and work (Victoria is a teacher and Luke is an Electrician) you can find them spending time with their family, participating in and organising community events and walking their two dogs.

Next time you see Victoria and Luke be sure to congratulate them on their accomplishments!