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In his short time CrossFitting Pete has impacted the CrossFit Norsemen community – he is consistent with his training and has no signs of letting up!!

Get to know CrossFit Norsemen athlete Pete.

“My CrossFit journey began in June 2018 at 32 years of age, 12 months since I’d done any type of physical training and six weeks removed from some pretty serious abdominal surgery. I’d always been a relatively fit person however having recently become a new father I struggled to find the time or motivation to get back into the gym.

A couple of friends of mine recently joined CrossFit Norsemen a few months earlier and I noticed the positive changes that it was making in their lives. They’d been encouraging me to come down and give it a try before my surgery, but having never tried CrossFit before I was pretty apprehensive and intimidated, so I kept putting it off. Six weeks after my surgery, having been bed ridden for most of that time, I was in a pretty low place and made the decision to stop feeling sorry for myself and get down to CrossFit Norsemen and give it a go.

My first WOD was on 28 June 2018.

It was a 20 minute pairs AMRAP:

1 Rep of 15ft Rope Climb
2 Reps of ring muscle ups
3 Reps of back squat at 100/60KG
40 Reps of Double Under
50M Shuttle run
[B] Max Reps of bike or Row (for Calories)

What a workout……Since then I’ve never looked back….. I was hooked!

The first time I walked in the door Joey knew my name and scaled my workouts to slowly build my strength back up to a level where I could safely complete the WODs. There is no ego here. It didn’t matter that I was starting from scratch. Each WOD can be scaled to any level of fitness, and it doesn’t matter whether you are 16 or 60. Nothing beats that feeling of progression, finally being able to do a rope climb, or that first muscle up. Whatever your goals is, it can be worked towards and attained.

One of the best things about CrossFit is the constantly varied workouts. Previously when I’ve attended gyms it was so easy to fall into a rut, stagnate or get bored of the repetition of lifting weights or doing cardio. Not here. At Norsemen every day is different. Joey is a great coach and I look forward to every Monday when I can go online and see what he has programmed for the week. Nothing beats the feeling of completing one of his WODs, when an hour earlier you weren’t sure that you could.

The Box is always pumping with good tunes, it’s clean and well stocked with new equipment. Mark and Stephanie are constantly making additions and upgrades with equipment and apparatus for Joey to programme into his WOD’s.

What sets CrossFit Norsemen apart from anywhere I’ve previously been is the community aspect. Norsemen is like a family. The support that everyone shows each other is out of this world. During the WOD’s they push you to achieve things you didn’t think were possible. The community and atmosphere that Mark, Stephanie and Joey have created at Norsemen is amazing. This is now my home away from home. Every day I walk in I am challenged to push further than I believed I was capable of going.

Six months into my CrossFit journey I am feeling fitter and healthier than I have ever been. This is a community I am proud to be a part of and I cannot overstate what a positive effect Norsemen has had on my life and in helping me become the person I want to be.”

“CrossFit Norsemen is the first and only CrossFit Box I have been a member. I can’t see myself joining another box either! CrossFit Norsemen is the most supportive workout environment I can imagine. The coaches are knowledgeable and encouraging, there is nothing like the drive I get from the group workouts or the bond I have with friends dying in the same workout.”

We are glad Pete gave CrossFit a try. Since joining CF Norsemen Pete has strengthened both his physical and mental fortitude.