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CrossFit Norsemen Athlete Feature: Kenneth Carter

“Keeping fit has for me been a driving force since I was the age of 11, initially an 800m and 1500m runner, achieving some reasonable success, I turned this into a military career.

Health and fitness became a career expectation, I served in the Royal Marine Commandos, then later transferred to the Army to serve in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.

Royal Marine cap badge Subdued, Royal Army Physical Training Corp Badge Subdued

Throughout my adult life health and fitness was about setting the example.

So how does all this fit in with CrossFit Norsemen? Well at the age of 45 I was, very unexpectedly, diagnosed with late onset Type 1 Diabetes, this was only discovered after I went from 83kg to 62kg in two months. As a result I lost all the strength and fitness I ever had, I truly could not complete the Army 2.4 km fitness test!

For a number of years, I tried to get it back, so to speak. I joined local gymnasiums, set myself running targets but when I thought about what I had and what I was now left with the motivation was, well frankly gone! What I needed was an environment where there was no escape, everyone was supportive but didn’t let you off with “I just don’t feel like it today!”

Along came CrossFit Norsemen.

I had heard much about CrossFit and had pondered about giving it a go, then out of the blue Melissa, my darling wife mentioned she had met this couple, Mark and Stephanie who had opened a CrossFit ‘Box’ 10 minutes from home. I had no excuse!

Shortly after joining, despite my embarrassment at my own performance, I felt part of the fittings. Truly an amazing community, all members were supportive and encouraging a real “Brother and Sisterhood”. My aim was to get back into doing pull ups and climbing ropes, via a culture of progression, support and inclusiveness……I achieved my goal within three months. ✓

What really impresses me about CrossFit Norsemen, is not only the gymnasium Club culture but how it transcends into other areas in one’s life. There is a real social component to the club and this has been wonderfully developed by Mark, Stephanie and our coach Joey.

The Club caters for all ages and levels of fitness, I should know, I’m 52! The only barrier is ourselves!

Would I recommend CrossFit Norsemen to someone else? – Absolutely!”

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