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One of our strongest female athletes both mentally and physically. Bel is part of the glue that holds Norsemen Community together. She is consistent with her training and has no signs of letting up!!

You will see her at the 1530hrs and 1630hr classes, get to know Norsemen athlete Bel.

“My fitness journey started in 2009 when close family encouraged me to lose some weight. I say ‘journey’ as it’s been and still is a ‘journey’ for me…’s not a destination.

Across the following years I achieved some fantastic weight loss goals. But having a lull in my training and not remaining consistent in my ‘journey’ saw me slowly regain the weight I had lost and loose the gains in strength I had made.

In early 2012 a close friend encouraged me to enlist a personal trainer. Weighing in over 110kg I was in denial of how bad things had become. It was the feeling of pushing my limits both mentally and physically that hooked me into bettering myself, pushing my limits and seeing changes in my strength, the comfortability in my body and my mental resilience.

Seeing a drop of 27kg in weight from my determination and consistency in training I couldn’t have been happier.

Late 2013 my journey came to an unforeseeable halt when I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease. An Overactive Thyroid Condition.

Following some extensive treatment and armed with a determination to not let this disease get the better of me, I returned to training and enrolled into a local college to be a personal trainer. I completed my Cert III and IV in Fitness and my Level 1 CrossFit and started helping others with their own fitness goals.

Across the following years with significant rounds of differing medications the only remaining option for my diagnosis was surgery. Weeks after surgery I was back at the gym reset and focussed on my journey.

With a change in direction by the gym I was training at I started to look for a dedicated CrossFit training facility.

CrossFit Norsemen opened its doors in October 2017 and I felt like I was in the right place for me.

I’ve been with CF Norsemen since its inception and they have given me the results I was chasing and pressed for me to make new goals to continue in this journey.

You only have to see Bel in the box and you will know that her true passion lays in Olympic and Powerlifting. Try and keep up Brothers & Sisters!!!

CF Norsemen has shown me that they are all about the community and their members. I’m part of this AMAZING community and we show unconditional support and encouragement. Everyone has time for each and every member, the coaches will spare the time for you, even if it’s just for a chat about your day. They kept me sane while I was so stressed during the planning and lead up to my wedding.

The coaches knowledge is second to none combined with a down to earth nature it’s their approachability that keeps everyone coming back. The programming is exciting and challenging but scalable to all skill levels.

The coaches, the members and the programming push us to get the result we want…… making us mentally and physically tougher each and every day.

CF Norsemen brings out the best in me, as far as I’m concerned it’s the place to be. Can’t wait to see what else I can achieve.

Ask Bel about her determination to complete FRAN at Rx…….She has the scars to prove it.

One thing I can pass on is that focusing all your energy only on the destination makes the process of health and fitness feel unhealthy, making you less likely to stay with it and find success.

I now see my participation in working out as my time to de-stress from everyday life.