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Dad Bods, Mum Tums and CrossFit: Top Five Surprising Reasons We Should Take It Up.

Dad Bods, Mum Tums and CrossFit: Top Five Surprising Reasons We Should Take It Up.

Originally posted on June 27, 2018

As mums and dads we have a lot of responsibility, we have little spare time and frankly our life’s can often seem like an endless round of work, school drop-offs, play dates and grocery shopping. Cooking a healthy meal the whole family will enjoy can be challenging. Your five year old daughter might not like the colour yellow this week so the corn-on-the-cob is replaced with baked beans, the eight year old refuses to eat cauliflower because it smells like farts (replaced with toast) and your spouse has had a really crappy day so just wants a take-out and a glass of wine.

This busy life style can result in those hard working mums and dads of Australia inadvertently developing ‘spread’ in unwanted areas… mum tums, man boobs, bingo wings and love handles. Just reading those words is a bit depressing. They sound funny (because let’s face it… “man boobs”) but on the serious note, it’s not just the very real health risks that are worrying, it’s the knock on effect of low self-esteem and poor body image.

We do so much for our families, at the very least we deserve to have fit and healthy bodies, be comfortable in our skin and feel confident. Enter CrossFit and the top five reasons I think it’s the best training program for us.

1. Zero effort required

Ok, slightly misleading. What I mean is, you just have to arrive. The warm-up, the skills training, the WOD and even the cool down is all dictated by the coach. You really can switch off the ‘parent’ part of your brain that has to plan and organise.

2. Personal training (practically)

How many times have you heard the phrase “if I won the lottery I’d have my own personal trainer”. Guys, you don’t need to win the lottery. Every CrossFit class is run by a professional coach. Normally there are between 10-15 people in the class so you get plenty of one-on-one time without the astronomical hourly rate.

3. CrossFit is inclusive

This is an important point. There are lots of mums and dads out there that are self-conscious and feel out of place in the gym environment. Our lives can seem detached from what they once were including the ‘gym life’ we had when we were dating and clubbing every weekend. If CrossFit is one thing- it’s inclusive. It just attracts folks that don’t care if you’re old, young, big or small and that’s empowering! The community might not be the reason why people join but more often than not, it’s the reason people keep coming.

4. Variation keeps you keen

Those parenting years can become mundane. Routine is what keeps our busy families on- track. The variation in workouts at CrossFit is built into the programs DNA. ‘Constantly varied’ is a mantra and that keeps things interesting. One day it’s a timed circuit, next day it’s

a set time and you see how many rounds you can do. Sometimes you’re running, sometimes you’re flipping a tyre. Sometimes you lift heavy, sometimes its lots of reps.

5. It’s not a globo gym

Now I have absolutely nothing against globo gyms. You know the 24hr high street monstrosities with endless rows of mind numbing bikes, treadmills, mirrors and beefed up guys wearing their Beats headphones. Oh wait…    😉